2014-05-10 19:28

The game has finished. Thanks for participating. We hope to see you in finals.

2014-05-10 19:08

Team Caspian has been disqualified for flag exchange

2014-05-10 18:16


2014-05-10 14:44

File for Bomb challenge has been updated

2014-05-10 14:17

If you are sure about your flag, email it to us along with your write up for it
Flag submission will remain closed

2014-05-10 14:05

traffic problems are intentional

2014-05-10 14:01

ACL Forensic

2014-05-10 11:35

Try to login with the username that has numbers in the beginning

2014-05-10 11:24

Please fill out our survey form regarding this contest

In order to participate in ASIS2014 Final you must (at least) be in one of these categories:
Best 30 teams of
Best 30 teams of ASIS2014 Quals
Best 10 Iranian teams of ASIS2014 Quals

Obviously these categories have some overlapping.

2014-05-10 10:35

What is it? A flag for the ants?

Dear people
Due to the recent actions of some participants, which they leaked a few flags in IRC, we had to temporarily (~15 mins) stop accepting flags, and change the tasks later. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Team movsx Is Now Disqualified

Team abr1k0s Is Now Disqualified

2014-05-10 08:13

Winner and trivia 1,2 have been changed and updated

2014-05-10 04:54

Random Image has been Updated.

2014-05-10 01:31

Image has been Updated.

Flag Submition has been reopened. You can submit your flag

2014-05-10 00:44

  • .... .. ... / .. ... / -. --- - / - .... . / ..-. .-.. .- --. / -... ..- - / ..-. .-.. .- --. / .-.. --- --- -.- ... / .-.. .. -.- . / - .... .. ...

2014-05-10 00:43

Hidden Flag and Torturous Sound has been Updated.

2014-05-10 00:14

Easy Reading and MESA System has been Updated.

2014-05-09 23:44

Flag submission is temporarily down. Wait until further Notice.

Captcha has been removed

Caution: This program only simulates the bomb trigger.

2014-05-08 20:51

Web:MESA System challenge is down for now.

2014-05-07 16:59

It is highly recommended that because of many problems with IE, visit ASIS-CTF website using Firefox or Chrome.

2014-05-05 21:02

ASIS-CTF IRC channel: irc://

2014-04-26 10:47

Registration is open now!
Please go to registration page. If you have any problem in registration process, feel free to contact us.

If you are interested to view ASIS-CTF-2013 final tasks, you can visit page. Since the time for answering questions has finished, flag submission is disabled.
Usename: demo
Password: demo

2014-04-14 14:51

There are many contests around the world named Capture The Flag (CTF); ASIS-CTF is Task-based (Jeopardy) and the questions are organized in these categories:


  • General security information (Trivia)
  • Web Hacking
  • Cryptography Protocols and Implementations
  • Security of Software Systems
  • Digital Forensics
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Steganography
  • Misc

ASIS-CTF 2014 will be available online for every one, and the contest will begin on May 8, 2014 19:00 IRDT and lasts for 48 hours. (Be Careful, every time that we announce is in IRDT Time Zone).

2014-04-14 14:30

The ASIS-CTF website is now online. The countdown timer shows the remaining time to ASIS CTF 2014. There are some links to access News, FAQ, etc. The web site will be both in English and Persian languages.